Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
It's 2017... Let's Start This Thing Off Right!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You ready for a new you? New money? How about new ways we can help you get your money right? How about sound wisdom from a multimillionaire? Yes? Then this brand new season 3 is for you! Don’t waste anymore time reading this and listen to the show… then maybe listen again… I think you’ll like it… Lets get it!


In this 42 minute episode we discuss:

  • Recap of 2016
  • Financial struggles we had
  • What we learned about the power of starting
  • People are hungry and ready for what we have to offer
  • The way we do money works!
  • 6 Steps to setting and actually achieving goals
  • What to expect this season
  • Introducing the Get Your Money Right Bootcamps! (Join the Mistfits to be the first to get notifications when it’s open because enrollment is very limited)
  • A free gift from a multimillionaire friend and mentor (Hint: You must be subscribed to the show or a Misfit to get it)
  • And much more….


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