Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
5 Critical Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

This storm was crazy…  I’ve been in Houston all my life but I have never seen anything like it  There were so many lessons learned from going through this so it was hard to narrow it down…  but these are lessons, not only for your money but for life and well being that will save you money and make you some money at the same time…  If you’re in to that sort of thing…  Enjoy!


In this 46 minute episode, we discuss…

  • Intro t0 the show [0:00]
  • Welcome new listeners [1:50]
  • Lesson 1: Insurance and what you need to know [8:00]
  • What happens when it floods [10:00]
  • What’s in flood water that makes it so nasty [10:40]
  • Lesson 2: Preparing involves more than buying bottled water and batteries [15:40]
  • The paycheck dilemma [24:34]
  • Simple Money Misfit definition of paycheck to paycheck … (listen you think it doesn’t include you) [25:55]
  • Lesson 3: Know Where You Live! [28:18]
  • Lesson 4: The most important resource to have [33:10]
  • Lesson 5: Opportunities in chaos [38:18]
  • Summary/Recap of today’s show [41:20]
  • Closing [44:20]
  • How to get a coaching session [45:00]

Listen to Get Your Money Right below…

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