Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
6 Misfit Tips to Rebuild from Bad Credit Mistakes

Had bad luck with credit or no credit at all?  In this episode, I discuss 6 quick and risk-free tricks to help you recover from bad credit mishaps or establish credit if you have none and can’t get any.  This is a specialty of mine because I’ve been there! We also introduce a new Q&A segment that I think is here to stay… Let’s get it!


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In this 42 minute episode we discuss:

  • Another amazing iTunes review by MikaWlm!
  • Why worry about credit anyway?
  • 6 Easy Tricks for establishing or re-establishing credit the right way.
  • The 30% Rule.
  • How to get credit for paying your utilities using “Letters of Credit”.
  • Tricks for Renters.
  • Different types of secured credit cards and which ones I like to avoid.
  • And we close with a listener question that has a car note with a 24% interest rate.
  • (If you have a question for the show ask it here)
  • And much much more…

Listen to Get Your Money Right below…

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