Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Becoming A Single Income Family

On today’s show, I’m finally addressing the most popular thing I get asked about: How my family of 5 survives and thrives off of just one income. We go into the humble beginnings of our marriage and parenthood, explaining why we decided to do this and giving 7 steps that you can take to become a single income family.


In this 43 minute episode we discuss:

  • Our story; life after we had our first child and how we got to where we are today
  • What made my wife consider being a SAHM (stay at home mom) despite her upbringing and career-driven mentality
  • Parenting styles, daycare, breastfeeding and other things that weighed in on our decision
  • How my wife going back to work part-time after maternity leave helped us transition into her becoming a SAHM
  • The surprising benefits of being a single income family
  • The costs of working
  • How having a stay-at-home parent actually saves you money and your weekends
  • The lifestyle of a single income family
  • How living on one income decreases stress and increases security
  • How you and your spouse can BOTH work yet still live off of one income, and why doing so gives you more options
  • How just making the decision to live off of one income is the most important step, regardless of your circumstances!
  • The importance of becoming team players
  • Considering the material, physical and psychological costs of your job
  • The chief cause of failure
  • Unique ways to transition into this lifestyle, why you don’t necessarily need to quit your job
  • Considering what you value most in life
  • Our rule of thumb when it comes to housing expenses
  • A minimalist lifestyle, we think this article is a good introduction to the concept
  • Leaving the Joneses alone
  • Staying ahead of your money and eliminating distractions
  • Dedicating time to your goals
  • Breaking the paycheck-paycheck cycle
  • How gratitude improves your lifestyle
  • Keeping what is most important to you in the forefront
  • The secret to knowledge and building faith
  • And much, much more

Take notes… Listen to it again and again!

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