Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
The Black History of Black Money

The history of black people and money is probably one of the quietest kept and least understood topics of any importance.  It’s an important topic and we discuss things like the beginning of slavery, 40 acres and a mule, and the real reason MLK was assassinated.  This is a must listen… you don’t want to miss…  Let’s get it!

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In this 57 minute episode we discuss:

  • The history of black people and money in the United States
  • The roots of economic advancement on the backs of slaves…
  • Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness Property…
  • The Freedman’s Bank
  • The 13th Amendment
  • Black Wallstreet
  • The originators of terrorism
  • The real reason MLK was assassinated…
  • Rarely heard speech, by Dr. Martin Luther King, about money…
  • How financial ignorance has hurt black people…
  • And much more….

Listen to Get Your Money Right below…

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