Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
The Consumer vs The Producer

Who doesn’t love to consume? I know I do… but is this mindset costing us everything we say we truly and really want? And what’s the alternative? In episode 61, we explore the major differences between the producer and the consumer mindset… Enjoy!

In this 36 minute episode we discuss:

  • Producer vs Consumer

    • This takes a mind shift from the consumer mindset to the producer mindset…
    • The consumer looks for ways to be served… the producers looks for ways to serve
    • The consumer is greedy… the producer is a giver
    • The consumer is selfish and forces you to think about you, your desires, your need… the producer is forced to think about others and find ideas and products that they would benefit from
    • The consumer pays the most in taxes… the producer gets tax breaks because they provide jobs, housing, and things that the government can not efficiently
    • The consumers wealth consumes their wealth… the producers wealth produces their wealth
    • consumers wealth is calculated in dollars… the producers wealth is calculated in assets that produce a lot more than just dollars

    Kiyosaki’s example of buying a Porsche

    The difference between Rich, Poor, & Middle Class

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