Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Black History Month: Interesting Stories of How Slaves Purchased Their Freedom and Why You Should Too!

We continue Black History Month with an interesting look at stories of former slaves that were able to buy their own freedom.  Then of course we relate it today and draw the parallels on how we can and should be working to purchase our own freedom now!

In this 38 minute episode:

  • Black History Month [2:52]
  • Personal disclaimer about slavery [4:03]
  • Stories of Freedom Buying Slaves [6:30]
  • How slaves earned money in the first place [9:44]
  • Non-black slaves? [12:23]
  • Cincinnati an Ex-Slave Haven [14:55]
  • Too many black folk makes a country nervous [15:33]
  • The difference between who thought they could and those that didn’t [17:41]
  • All jobs are temporary [19:18]
  • Criteria for a good financial plan [20:41]
  • The coming recession [21:31]
  • Comfortably Uncomfortable [23:24]
  • Poor folks, big screens, & Jordans’ [24:02]
  • It could all be for nothing [25:31]

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