Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Intro To 3g & How We Teach Our Kids To Manage Money For True Wealth

Should we be giving our children allowances?  How do you make sure they don’t grow up spoiled and entitled?  What if you don’t have any money yourself?  In this episode, we dig in on the mechanics of how to teach your kids to manage money.  This is the simplest and most effective method that I know of to put our kids on the right track!  Let’s Get It!!

Episode 90 Timestamps:

  • Should we be giving our children an allowance? [2:50]
  • Should they get paid for chores [3:10]
  • The purpose of the allowance [3:30]
  • The problem with “GIFT” money [5:19]
  • How much should the allowance be [9:55]
  • Intro to the 3G System [11:55]
  • The Buckets Break Down [14:40]
  • The Grow Bucket [17:57]
  • The GET Bucket [20:25]
  • The importance of allowing children to spend money [21:20]
  • The Recap [26:00]

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