Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Myths, Lies & FAQ - How To Increase Your Credit Score Part 3


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The Finale! Part 3 of the how to increase your credit series is in the bag. We talk about the myths and lies innocently spread around about credit score that could cost us thousands. We also go into some of frequently asked questions. Take a listen… I think you’re going to like it!

In this 42 minute episode we discuss:

  • Credit Score Myths
  • Does checking your credit report too often hurt your score?
  • Should you carry a balance on your credit cards for scoring purposes?
  • What can credit repair companies really do
  • Employers checking your credit score myth
  • Falsehoods and dangers of paying your credit card off in full
  • Where can you go to get help
  • FICO VS Vantagescore
  • The ONLY way to get the most accurate credit score
  • How does being married effect your credit score and more!

“Wise decisions based on lies we living” – Tupac

Show Notes:

What myths did you use to believe about credit scores that you no longer do?  Please share in the comments below!