Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Rethinking Retirement and Why It Is the Worst Case Scenario

Should retirement really be the goal? Who’s idea was it anyway to work for 40 years then lay up hoping you die before you run out of money? In this episode we challenge the entire concept of retirement. We go into the history of retirement, who’s behind the push to make it normal, and explore the alternatives. Here’s another episode that aims to change the way you think about money.  Enjoy!

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In this 45 minute episode we discuss:

  • The History of Retirement
  • Retirement use to be a punishment
  • How this new phenomena became normal
  • Who really benefits from your retirement “savings”
  • The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs
  • How to get a flock of geese
  • The flaws of retirement
  • Retirement alternatives
  • The New Rich and how to become one
  • and much, much more

Take notes… Listen to it again and again!

Show Notes:

The 4-Hour Work Week

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