Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Season 4 Finale

It’s been another fun and productive season and like all good, it must come to an end.  In this wrap-up episode, we run through the highlights of season 4 and discuss topics worth revisiting.  And of course, a season finale would be incomplete without exciting announcements about what’s to come.  I’m looking forward to hearing your reactions… Enjoy!

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In this 25 minute episode, we discuss…

  • Highlights of Season 4
  • An apology from yours truly
  • We run through episode worth your time to revisit
  • Which shows you may have missed but are MUST LISTENS
  • Which episode had the most downloads
  • Our reach to 100,000 downloads
  • Major changes coming to the website, the podcasts, and what you should do to not get lost in the sauce
  • and much much more…

Listen to Get Your Money Right below…

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