Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Memorial Day Special - Stages To Financial Freedom

Salute to all soldiers past and present that sacrifice themselves so we can live free. Happy Memorial Day! In light of this special occasion I felt it fitting to talk financial freedom and the various stages we go through leading up to it. For most people financial freedom is so far… such a pie in the sky idea that they give up pursuing.  I hope today by breaking it down in to bite sized chunks we can reinvigorate that very pursuit.  Enjoy!

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In this 53 minute episode we discuss:

  • A Salute to Veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice
  • Stages to financial freedom
  • Financial Scarcity
  • Financial Survival
  • Financial Stability/Delusion
  • Financial Ease
  • Financial Security
  • Financial Independence
  • Financial Freedom
  • and much, much more

Take notes… Listen to it again and again!

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