Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
What To Do When You Don't Trust Yourself With Money

Today we touch on a more sensitive subject. A lot of times we are in denial about our money because we don’t trust ourselves with it. Here are 5 practical things you can do when you don’t trust yourself so that you can change that story and watch yourself become a good steward of money.

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In this 41 minute episode we discuss:

  • Embracing the truth
  • The revelation of being flawed
  • Realizing that being good with money is not something that comes natural
  • How giving yourself some grace eliminates guilt and condemnation
  • How to stop relying solely on willpower and avoid falling victim to the ego
  • My previous time being in the bar industry’s nightlife, why I left that, and how staying out of the wrong environment is the best way to avoid self-sabotage
  • Getting clear about what you truly want and giving your savings a direct assignment
  • How much my wife loves Target
  • The cause of buyer’s remorse and how to avoid it
  • Being honest with yourself and setting up a realistic spending plan
  • The problem with budgeting
  • Why celebrating and allowing yourself to have some fun with money is necessary
  • Why everyone loves our house even though we don’t have much in it
  • How to spend your money before you spend your money
  • Beer
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget), the budgeting software we use
  • The serious spending problems my wife and I had upon entering marriage
  • How to avoid anxiety around money and turn it into one of your favorite things to talk about
  • Setting up an accountability system, partner or even hiring a bookkeeper
  • Why we all need personal trainers and why those who have them are successful
  • Dave Ramsey, how his cash envelope system worked for us and why everybody should use it for at least a year
  • plus much, much more!

Take notes… Listen to it again and again!

Show Notes:


Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system

We’re also loving these practical and stylish money envelopes from Broke On Purpose for starting your own cash envelope system

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