Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Where Does Money Come From? Here's How To Get It...

Today we’re talking about where money comes from… and probably what’s more important is that once you understand this… By the end of this show you’ll be able to get as much as you want… Seriously… So… Where does money come from? I know it sounds like a simple question but have you ever thought about that?  Growing up we heard “get money, get money, get money” but where do you get it from…Where do you think it comes from?  The bank?  The gov’t?  Education? Knowledge?  A job? Listen to find out…

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In this 40 minute episode we discuss:

  • How Apple remains the most profitable company in the world
  • Back story of how my wife converted me
  • Flaws in our thinking about money
  • How to partner with your employer
  • Why everyone is already an entrepreneur
  • Where money comes from
  • How to get as much money as you want
  • and much, much more

Take notes… Listen to it again and again!

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