Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying A House

The home buying process is often glorified on TV.  They make it look easy and while, obviously, not impossible there are a lot of thing I wish I would known or been aware of prior to buying our home.  Don’t get me wrong… I would have bought a home anyway but maybe these lessons will help you (or someone you know) be better prepared and have a smoother home buying experience.

In this 40 minute episode:

  • Things I wish I would have known before buying my first home.
  • It won’t be like House Hunters [3:30]
  • Private Mortgage Insurance is sneaky and is not for you [8:34]
  • The down payment ain’t enough [12:18]
  • A fixed rate mortgage does not equal fixed expenses [17:54]
  • Owning is not always better than renting and here’s why [23:47]
  • Forget price per square foot and how much you were approved for [29:10]
  • Your home is not an asset [34:24]

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