Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
How To Get Approved For The Best Mortgages Every Time

Qualifying for the right mortgage can often feel like a shot in the dark.  In episode 73, we talk about how to not only get approved for one but for the best ones.  If you’re looking to buy a home or refinance an existing one this episode will provide some useful insight on how to do just that!

In this 47 minute episode:

  • What banks and mortgage companies are looking for [3:49]
  • Review the 3 C’s of credit [4:25]
  • What type of mortgages there are and which are best [7:56]
  • 4 Majors Players [21:25]
  • Debt To Income Ratio Hacks [26:56]
  • What about student loans? [28:57]
  • Insights for Entrepreneurs [33:15]
  • Before you apply, gather info [33:22]
  • What NOT to do [38:35]

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