Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Intro to Season 5 - After A Disaster

We return after a longer than usual season break to bring the intro of what promises to be a short but impactful season 5 of the Get Your Money Right Podcast. It feels like it’s been forever and I’ve got stories to tell! In this episode, you get a taste of how the past 2 months have been and the effects of Harvey and other disasters are having on the show… Listen in and don’t forget to tell a friend!

In this 22 minute episode, we discuss…

  • If this is your first time here’s how we’re different [2:30]
  • The ONE thing to take away from this show [7:00]
  • Where we’ve been [9:35]
  • Damage we got from Hurricane Harvey [11:22]
  • Preparing for disasters in upcoming episodes [12:20]
  • Data breaches and how it relates to my own experience of stolen identity [14:00]
  • Season length and updates to the site [16:20]
  • How to get my best stuff [17:43]
  • Misfit Members Area and New Coaching Sessions [18:20]
  • How to get first dibs on everything [19:30]
  • Make sure of this… [20:25]
  • Injustices and what we must get right [20:55]
  • and much much more…

Listen to Get Your Money Right below…

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  • Hi Jarmar! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your podcast because you are so enthusiastic, and your message comes across as sincere and genuine. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge about so many aspects of financial education–I have two daughters ages 21 and 18 that really need this information, so I am spreading the word. Thank you and your wife for taking the time to improve the plight of Black folks (and others–but especially us!) that are willing to listen!

    • Oh how I LOVE good news!!! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words… Please come back regularly and let me know how we can keep getting better at this!

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