Today’s topic is a juicy one and will probably be one of the more popular ones because a lot of people struggle with it.. or question whether or not they’re doing it right. So today we’re going to tackle the long-standing question that married folk everywhere have to decide on…and that is…

When it comes to our money… should we have joint accounts or separate accounts… and I’ve got real strong opinions about this subject…

Should be a fun!


In this 37 minute episode we discuss:

  • The major money pitfalls in marriage
  • The pros and cons of joint accounts
  • The pros and cons of separate accounts
  • Which is the BEST
  • Jordan and Kobe
  • 50/50 Mentality
  • And practical steps you can take immediately

Show Notes:

  • You don’t need both accounts. You can be independent within a marriage. If you want money to spend on special occasions to surprise them and on yourself, there’s a simple solution. BUDGET for it. Get together with your spouse. Discuss the upcoming bills and expenses. Once you see how much money you have left for spending, split it! That then becomes your “blow money” that you can literally blow on whatever you want. No separate account needed.

    • Exactly Veronica!

      Just like we discussed in the episode… It’s all about working together and if you MUST you can have the best of both worlds… We, personally, don’t have separate accounts but some people still want that autonomy… What I laid out at the end of the show fits that scenario perfectly…

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Great stuff Jarmar!
    So what happens after you and your spouse have worked out both the joint and individual accounts; however – one spouse is a “saver” whereas the other a “spender.” Eventually the spender is going to find out that the saver has 10X the amount of money in their personal account than they do. Could this lead to possible friction i.e. The spender wondering why the saver has so much money in their personal account. (This does not apply to me, but it is a true story)

    • That’s a good question!

      I have so many responses for this but for now I offer this…

      I’m of the belief that we are all “spenders” once the basics and primary goals are being taken care of… “Savers” are always saving for something but eventually that money gets used… Before, I would say, my wife was the “spender” and I was the “saver”… The truth is she just spends more frequently than I do… Added to that she typically has more to buy…

      There are moments when she looks up and see I have more to spend than she does but because we’ve talked about our money together and beforehand she knows why… There’s no secret…

      I can see how jealousy could creep in though… Especially if the couple has no contingency funds set back anywhere else… I have yet to find any completely frictionless solutions but when I do I’ll write a book about it lol!

      Thanks for the question…

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