Get Your Money Right
Get Your Money Right
Season 5 Finale: It’s Not Too Late To Finish Strong

Clearly the shortest but arguably just as impactful as the best of them Season 5 comes to an end.  In this episode we recap this season that started with delays and disaster but ends with an episode sure to inform and inspire you to finish 2017 so strong that 2018 has no choice but to benefit.  Plus there’s a little extra gift if you listen to the end!


In this 53 minute season finale we discuss:

  • Delays and disasters that the season began on [2:37]
  • Most important lesson learn from Hurricane Harvey [5:22]
  • A recent personal story about why we use credit cards for everything [7:52]
  • 3 part Home Buying Series [11:58]
  • Intro to Season 6 [14:37]
  • The next 30 days off [15:16]
  • Return of the ReUp [19:55]
  • Congrats on making it this far and words of encouragement [20:34]
  • Taking a step back to get a running start [26:16]
  • Getting it all but never knowing it all [34:30]
  • Playing the “What If” game to right way [35:31]
  • Finishing with a profit [37:02]
  • Only flossing the teeth you want to keep [39:04]
  • Closing [40:43]
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What did you think of Season 5?  Too short?  Just right?  What was your favorite episode?  Let us know in the comments below!